“There’s sun on these hills, a reflection of parched earth and volcanic rocks that I’d forgotten about.
The heat comes less from heaven then, from below-from the earth, deep between the vines, which seems to have absorbed every piece of green to convert everything in twines’.
It’s the heat I like; it has a smell and I, too, am inside that smell, and inside it, too, are so many harvests of grapes and of hay, so many fallen leaves, so many tastes and desires that I didn’t know I felt any longer.
So I like to exit the Angel and to hold of eye the campaigns; probably I would not want to have made my life, to be able to change it; to give reason to the palaver of those which they see to pass me and they ask if I have come to buy the grape or what.”






Cesare Pavese described in this way its native town: Santo Stefano Belbo

Bocchino Vittorio winery is situated on these hills, which are extolled by the poet. He has decided to remain here.
It is situated in the middle of Pavese's tales. From its winery you can see the "Gaminella" and sitting in its rows you can enjoy the sunset on the hill of "Mari del Sud”


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