Bocchino Vittorio Winery is located in Santo Stefano Belbo, the last village of the Langhe, in a region of Piemonte where the cultivation of the vine is a prestigious tradition handed down from father to son. The story of the Winery begins in the early 1900 when Bocchino Vittorio, the actual owner's grandfather, began to support the cultivation of cereals and of vine. Now the winery is at its fourth generation: after Vittorio, Remo and then Vittorio, in 2012 after completing the studies at the Enology School in Alba his son Francesco joined too. The cultivated area covers approximately 6 hectares, and it has optimal exposure facing south. The calcareous andclay soils and the excellent microclimate for centuries favored the cultivation of the vine. Tojo's Winery is still strictly family owned and everyY year produces small quantities of selected wines; the result of the vinified grapes with care and expertise that comes from the great tradition of Piedmont Winegrowers. Here we produce Moscato d'Asti, Dolcetto d'Alba, Barbera d'Asti and Langhe Favorita.

You can take tours and tastings (maximum 10 people) directly in the winery and direct wine selling in the cellar.




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